The truth about being elite

It is amazing how most of us believers go on with our lives as if the world around us is at peace, as if these are not the most dangerous times to be alive if not for us, for many people everywhere in the world.

We strive to create prosperity for ourselves and our families while the world around lies in ruins. Looking at some of us believers, you wouldn’t think we were sent into the world as saviors and healers in a world that gets more perilous daily. You would think we were sent to create enclaves within a decadent society where a thousand fall on our right and ten thousand on our left and we are unmoved as long as we are untouched. It is sometimes hard to believe we were sent here to be warriors of light and love.

Yet the one we claim to follow embodied this:

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me for he has sent me to heal the broken-hearted.”

He did not come here to make himself and his family comfortable. Instead He entered the war zone undoing the works of the devil, healing the sick, restoring the broken and prospering the poor although He had no sin, brokenness or death in Him. We can say He was elite like many are trying to be.

He came here from outside our brokenness but did not create an enclave. In cleaning terms, He went where the dirt and the dirty were, in order to clean. He got really dirty. Why? He had come into an environment that needed a lot of cleaning and because He is Love and a Cleaner, He rolled up His sleeves, took on the form of that derogatory term called servant and got busy cleaning. In His major act of cleaning, our dirt was so harmful that it killed Him. But being Love also meant He is omnipotent so He washed Himself clean of the dirt that killed Him.

Obviously, if we do not believe in the power that cleans the Cleaner the natural thing to do is to look away from the brokenness and the increasing violence in which our children and grand children will be growing up.

If we are impotent in the face of the sufferings around us and our faith, hope and love are only for alleviating our own sufferings, the natural thing to do is to build walls around ourselves, to remain in the safety of “church” and “churchiness” and continue to prosper, raise families, have better and better jobs, bigger and bigger homes, nicer and nicer cars and aim for meaner and meaner private jets. And when all is said and done here, escape this cursed world to streets paved with gold. How is that different from being a worldly elite? In truth, the jobs, the homes, the cars and the private jets only aid brokenness if they do not heal it.

But if the Christ we follow so loved the world that he loved not His life unto death, if He truly died in our place and the world’s, if He truly conquered death by rising again, if he handed us His victory over death and the god of this world, if the times we live in are perilous beyond words, then we do not belong in comfort and ease but in discomfort and dis-ease. Not just to become uncomfortable and diseased because that also becomes politically correct at some point but to undo discomfort and disease. That is what it means to be elite.

Christ is the truth about being elite. He was separate from us, untouched and untouchable by our brokenness but He chose to touch and be touched. He became one with us in order to raise us up. Believers in Him should imitate Him and stop imitating the world we are here to heal.

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