The weakness of evil

Evil in any form is a temporary aberration in the universe, not the ruling principle. The ruling principle is love. We live in a world however where evil seems to reign supreme, which speaks more to the God-given ability of humans to shut out love than to the weakness of love. If evil seems omnipotent and love seems weak, it is evidence we are in a tilted room. Evil cannot be omnipotent in a universe created by Love. Love is omnipotent not just because it is morally right but because it is the Creator’s nature. 

Evil is easily overcome when we align ourselves with Love. If we are overcome by evil, we allowed it out of ignorance of the supremacy of good and its ability to overwhelm evil. It is absurd how we often think the odds are stacked against us when we do good, which is evidence of being in a tilted room. It is erroneous for the good to flee before the wicked. Instead, the good should be full of confidence because they have behind them the ruling principle in the universe.

I love the encounter between David and Goliath for that reason. The armies of Israel fled from Goliath because they thought they were doomed, not knowing that just one of them aligned with Love, though untrained in combat could take out the giant effortlessly. The difference between David and Saul’s army was knowledge. David had stepped out of the tilted room, so he knew the truth and could appropriate it.

Winston Churchill said during the encounter with Hitler, “How wonderful it would be if the Germans could be made to wonder where they were going to be struck next, instead of trying to force us to the wall in the Island and roof it over. An effort must be made to shake off the mental and moral prostration to the will and initiative of the enemy in which we suffer.”

Many of us are surrounded by one form of evil or another today and we are apprehensive. The first step would be to come out of our “fake reality” through knowledge of the truth. Evil is not omnipotent. One human being who has stepped out of the tilted room we are all born into and which most never come out of, can stop the spread of evil, whether on an individual or societal level. This is urgently needed in Nigeria, where evil manifests in many forms. We are not dealing with an omnipotent enemy, but one very easily overcome by people who know the truth and can appropriate it.

6 thoughts on “The weakness of evil

  1. AMEN! Let us come out of the “tilted room” – the deception of the enemy – and stand firm on Jesus, the Rock that cannot be moved. Standing firm on Him, we know the truth that He has already won the victory! May we all wield the sword of the Spirit, the word of God, and pray in the Spirit at all times for all people, believing that God hears and answers us with His mighty, saving LOVE!!!

    Thank you, Tolu! My Spirit is quickened by the truth and power of this post. May the Lord continue to guide you and fill you to all fullness with His Spirit. May LOVE compel you in all you do. In Jesus, we have the victory! May His power be revealed in and through our lives. Come, Lord Jesus!

  2. “David had stepped out of the tilted room, so he knew the truth and could appropriate it.”
    Love these words Tolu..currently appropriating them as I go through the book of 1st Samuel.

    Great thoughts here. God bless you.

  3. “What is needed is something that cannot be
    explained in human terms. What is needed is something that is so striking and so
    signal that it will arrest the attention of the whole world.

    That is revival.

    Now we of ourselves can never do
    anything like that. We can do a great deal, and we should do all we can. We can
    preach the truth, we can defend it, we can indulge in our apologetics, we can
    organize our campaigns, we can try to present a great front to the world. But
    you know, it does not impress the world. It leaves the world where it was. The
    need is for something which will be so overwhelming, so divine, so unusual that
    it will arrest the attention of the world…

    ‘Authenticate thy word.
    Lord God, let it be known, let it be known beyond a doubt, that we are thy
    people. Shake us!’ I do not ask him to shake the building, but I ask him to
    shake us. I ask him to do something that is so amazing, so astounding, so
    divine, that the whole world shall be compelled to look on and say, ‘What is
    this?’ as they said on the day of Pentecost.”

    – Martyn
    Lloyd-Jones, Revival, pages 183-185.

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