Things unseen

There is a time when we are in the process of birthing something. Whatever it is, exists but is in the realm of hope and is not seen yet. I am in that process right now. It is a delicate period for many reasons. There is a tendency to think it does not exist and therefore treat it as such and that is the easiest way to abort it. We live in a world where the only reality most of us know is what can be seen or felt or heard. There is a tendency not to nurture what is unseen, what exists only in the realm of thought, as though it has no life.

I take comfort in the realization that the world we know was not made out of what can be seen. I take comfort in the fact that everything that exists today was in a state of things hoped for, things not seen. But someone or a group of people were wise enough to nurture, guard, preserve their dreams like babies in the womb, until they were birthed.

I realize also that if all that exists today is all that will ever be, then we are all doomed. The things that will change the world or Africa for the better do not necessarily exist today, they must be birthed. Before delivery, they must be nurtured while they are in the womb, while they are unseen and unknown, by those who are able to relate with the unseen as well as or better than the seen.

The unseen things we hold have a right to life, they exist, even before they become ‘reality’.

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