Toil or trust

No human capability impresses someone who is able to speak a universe into existence. He has more than enough ability and does not need more to add to His. That is why He is called the Almighty. We were not brought into existence because God lacked workers – he has multitudes of them – but because God wanted children to derive pleasure from, to love ‘omnipotently’ and eternally.

Our universe pulsates with so much power that we toil for nothing when all we need to do is learn how to trustingly activate the Holy Spirit’s power. It is superfluous to spend years learning how to do things for which infinite capability can be released just by speaking. Jesus invites us to stop toiling and start trusting.

Trained fishermen toiled all night, catching nothing. A non-fisherman spoke one sentence and they immediately caught so much fish that they could not haul the catch without help. I honestly prefer the simplicity, elegance and effectiveness of Jesus’ approach to the sweat, toil and ineffectiveness of the disciples.

We do not need to have the know-how or capability for anything to experience it. We only need to trust God’s capability. Jesus knew that by speaking, He could cause the power that created fish to gather them into the net or create them on the spot as in the beginning.

No one needs to spend thousands of money and decades studying healing in a world system driven by greed. Healing capability is available everywhere the Creator is present. A believer simply needs to speak healing words and healing capability moves into operation regardless of the intensity of the disease, without violent bodily invasion, without financial expense, without side effects.

Truly all things are possible to him that believes. Our possibilities are limited not to our capabilities or know-how but to what we believe.

Perhaps we would do well to spend years learning how to believe and activate God’s power by speaking the right words over situations, over matter, over weather patterns, over wild fires, over companies, over economies, over societies and over physical bodies and organs. One word spoken in faith can address issues trillions of dollars and thousands of wasted lives cannot address.

The power that created and upholds the universe is still very present to heal or repair anything on this planet but is only accessible to whosoever believes not whosoever is fittest.

If you are a believer, your real job may not be what you think it is…

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  1. Love, love, love this. A word was all He used to frame the entire universe. A word is all we need to be gardeners of the world and gifts He placed into our hands. Jesus is the true example and throughout His life He taught us this principle of speaking God’s word and bringing something formerly unimaginable and impossible into existence. This principle allows us to live under grace and not toil (suffer) to get things that the Father has already given to us. I was listening to Steven Furtick preach on Waiting on a podcast yesterday, and he said this, “Some people wait a lifetime for something they already have in their possession.” Father, teach me to put your Word higher than my human toil. Amen.

    • Thank you Jaycee for enriching this thought.

      May be wake up to the power of words. May we align ourselves with the same power that created and sustains the universe. We may not understand how a word can cause a mountain to shift places or bring the impossible into existence anymore than we understand how the universe we live in was spoken into existence but we had better just comply with the Creator and stop arguing with Him. He knows better…
      I think we wait a lifetime for things we already have in our possession partly because of our unwillingness to act on what we do not understand – words of faith.

  2. Powerful post Tolu. Can you imagine living in a world where every believer believed and acted as they should?

    So much is possible but it’s limited by our unbelief.

    I have my many many moments of unbelief! I am just blessed and amazed by His grace – that He continually moves on my behalf regardless of the ‘strength’ of my belief. i think that sometimes, He moves and acts on our behalf at the mere flicker of faith – doesn’t always need to be roaring fire. He is powerful like that and is willing to build us from where we are at to where He envisions for us.

    • We all have many many moments of unbelief and thank you for bringing God’s grace and willingness into the mix Ngina.

      Regardless of the strength of our belief, he moves on our behalf. I could not agree more, “he moves and acts on our behalf at the mere flicker of faith…” I know that by experience and it makes me marvel at God’s kindness and compassion. He is so eager to help His children and creatures that he moves at the slightest hint of faith. Very profound thought, Ngina. I am stirred by it, thank you.

      God’s willingness or ability is not in question but our faith. That is why Jesus constantly predicated his interventions on faith. Your comment also indicate that whoever remains or ends up outside of God’s grace, mercy, blessing or eternal life worked hard for it. Your comment is stirring a blog post too…

      Faith is not about coercing God. He is already willing and extra eager to invade our lives with His love and goodness. Faith is about opening us up to receive all of Him.

      As you said, imagine if we stopped wallowing in the shallows and go deeper in trust? Imagine if we spend as much time learning how to trust as we spend going to school or learning anything else?

      • Some have called God the “Hound of Heaven” :). How He is like a hound, pursuing, looking, knocking, coming after our hearts, not letting up. None will come before the throne of heaven and have an excuse.

        Your fresh thoughts will be a great post, looking forward to reading it.

        I hope you are a preacher somewhere already :)

        • I would wholeheartedly agree with that. He is the hound of heaven and once again, you add color to this post. That is the God I know. A God who is so good we have no capacity to contain all of His goodness or know the length and breadth and depth and height of His love without him helping us. My aim is to expose that and believe me, I want to do that as a layman, not a preacher. I am an entrepreneur and entrepreneurs act, even if they teach. I want to follow Christ in teaching and doing.

          • I hear you.

            we pretty much don’t need a ‘church pulpit’ to share and live the gospel, right? We should do a splendid job right from our areas of calling.

            I really appreciate your provocations and are a blessing.

  3. I am reminded of these verses, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart. Prov 3:5-6”
    “Blessed is the man that puts his trust in the LORD. Cursed is the man that puts his trust in man who rely on human strength. Jeremiah 17:5-8” The message says “He lives rootless and aimless in a land where nothing grows.”

    Human strength, that’s the toil. Man could be any man, even putting trust in my own abilities.

    I am learning how to trust, and as you shared in the previous post, to only believe. You know God works in us to will and to act according to His good purpose, question is, “Are we men of little faith?”

    You bless me Tolu. I am growing daily to know what my real job is.

    • Your comment reveals the essence of the post, thank you Maureen. It is about trust in God’s capability, God’s knowledge, competence and willingness.

      Jesus marveled often at unbelief and he wondered if he would find faith on earth when he returns. Perhaps we are men of little faith and we need to spend more time building our faith than toiling…

  4. “The power that created and upholds the universe is still very present to heal or repair anything on this planet but is only accessible to whosoever believes not whosoever is fittest”
    I may be misunderstanding you…..but are you saying that my wife’s battle with cancer is from unbelief?

    • Ike, i can share as one who’s father has battled cancer. I think having faith does not mean being able tell God what to do. My experience is that He wants me to believe IN HIM, in good times and bad times. Believe He is good, He is healer, He is kind, He is good – all the time, no matter what is going on. For me, I take Tolu’s post as encouragement to how our basic faith should operate. Doesn’t mean that we’ll always understand everything we go through or have answers or be able to ‘control everything through faith’. God is God. We’ll never be able to understand things that we go through on this side of eternity. But I think that He calls us to believe IN HIM – no matter the situations and challenges we are going through. So presence of illness does not mean that we lack faith, not at all. i don’t understand why my dad had to go through what he did – but God expected me to believe He was healer, good, kind, King, through it all.

    • I completely agree with Ngina and I believe the sense of her comment is that Faith is about trust just like Abraham trusted God not knowing exactly where He was going. Faith is comfortable with unknowing and I think that is because faith is founded on the truth that God is Love and would rather die for us than kill us. Faith trusts and obeys even if it means death.

      Thank you Ngina. I am blessed to have you as a contributor. 

      My post suggests that we should not trust in our own might and strength as Maureen also commented but in God. What better opportunity to trust God than in the bad times? Faith does not imply a battle-free existence. On the contrary, faith is proved when things are not going well. Faith is not faith if there is no hope and there can be no hope if there is nothing to overcome. Battle cannot be due to unbelief when Christ guaranteed that we will have tribulations in this world and when the scriptures enjoin us to rejoice when we face trials. I love battles because I love victory. I go into battle knowing that I am already more than a conqueror.

      Abraham battled with childlessness and it was his battle and subsequent victory over it that made Him the father of faith. Abraham so trusted God (as every creature should) that he obeyed God when God seemed to put a roadblock before him by asking for the son he waited decades for. That is the faith we need, a faith that trusts God to death, a faith that obeys to death, that says “even if God does not deliver me, I will still not bow”, “though he slay me, yet will I trust Him.” Thank God He came not to slay us but to heal us and give us life abundantly. David’s battle with Goliath was not due to unbelief – the battle attracted his attention and according to scriptures, David ran towards, not away from Goliath. He penned one of my most loved statements, “thou hast girded me with strength unto the battle.”  

      I have come to the realization that my experience does not change God. He wants us to believe in his goodness regardless of what happens around us that seems to contradict Him. God is not good only when we experience his goodness. Faith acknowledges the goodness of God even when the sun is not shining. 

      Faith is content with not knowing and, the things we do know, we have a duty to act on, for unto whom much is given much is expected. I believe strongly that our knowledge of God and His provisions determines how much we partake of His nature. God has revealed a lot in the scriptures, he has “made it plain upon tablets that we may run with it.” One of the things I know from scriptures, is that by his stripes I was healed. I must act on it. I also know that no one ever approached Christ in faith for healing and was turned down. I act by refusing to put up with disease or doubt God’s willingness or capability because of it, even if I die in the process. When he put road blocks before the Syrophoenician woman, she refused to back down and Jesus gave her what she insisted on. 

      Having said all the above, the race set before us is individual and peculiar to each of us. None of us is competent enough to judge anyone else. We have our own race to run. We are called to love not to judge, even if we think we can diagnose the problem. I can only judge myself, not even my wife. One of the aims of my writings is to expose the goodness of God especially to people who may be unsure, thereby provoking faith, which brings God pleasure. My writings are biased since they are from my personal revelation and experiential knowledge. They cannot take the place of scripture but they achieve their purpose when readers are provoked to search the truth for themselves and continually arrive at a deeper level of trust in God until we see Him face to face. Then, faith will be set aside and love the true driver of faith and our true nature, will remain for eternity. Like I tweeted recently, “faith has a beginning and an end, love has neither beginning nor end.” I look forward to the end of my faith.

      My long post, <a href=" sheds more light on some of my own battle scars. Feel free to check it out. Thank you for your usual thought- and study-provoking comments.

    • My long post, “How can I not be joyful” sheds light on some of my own battle scars. Please feel free to check it out.

      Thank you for your usual study- and thought-provoking comments.

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