True or “right”

A while ago, I thought of starting a Zenith Cleaners newsletter, but I never got round to doing it because I did not think I could write anything that was newsletter worthy. I shied away from it because I wanted to be “right” while expressing myself in writing. I felt I needed to conform to the “standards” of acceptable newsletters rather than just expressing myself.

I started to blog late last year, when I realized that with blogging, I had the freedom to not be “right”, the freedom to not be acceptable, the freedom to not conform, but the freedom to be true. Now, there is a separate Zenith Cleaners blog, because I realized that our expression does not have to be right, it does not have to conform to what is out there. It only needs to be a true expression.

I think we spend our energies trying to be right, trying to be acceptable, rather than just being true and realizing that whatever we express will not be liked by everybody and it is perfectly okay not to be liked. There is joy, freedom in knowing that even this post does not have to be right. It only needs to be a true expression and that does not take superhuman effort.

In When birds sing, I wrote that birds do not seem to have the slightest bother about producing the right music. They just do it with reckless abandon and that makes it beautiful, because each bird sings in its own unique voice. The good thing about being true is that we will be right and it takes less effort to be true than to be “right” since we are simply expressing who we are or what is going on inside us at the moment.

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  1. Tulo, thanks for sharing this. It is wonderful how we are in the process of letting go of being right, and open up to truth, or the process of searching for truth.Light and love, Grace

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