Truth is quiet

Truth is quiet, it is not screaming at us. In all our pursuit of knowledge and in day to day living, it is the easiest thing to miss or ignore. Yet individually and collectively, we rise or fall by it, we live or perish by it. Truth is a still small voice waiting to be heard in the streets, in the homes, the work places and everywhere human beings gather. Truth is very quiet, very present, and I realized it is so good we need help believing it.

5 thoughts on “Truth is quiet

  1. A warm Hiii to the happy family,WOW,your blog impressed me so much,..I have to read it many is the first time I face to such a nice point of view to life,love,family,and GOD.Wish you all the best my dear friendsBahareh

  2. Thank you Tolulope. Truth is indeed God's word. It is that wisdom the Creator possessed before the beginning of all His works, before the heavens and the earth were founded. If we knew how priceless it was, we would not pursue silver, gold or fame. We will pursue truth, God's Word, God's wisdom, God's Son. Thank you again, Tolu, your comments are a blessing.

  3. I love what you said. You just deciphered the parable and you totally flowed with the spirit of the write-up. Thank you. And that is why we still do not recognize Him today… He is as close as our breath but we ignore Him…

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