Warrior spirit

Doubt goes against what it means to be a warrior. If any iota of doubt is entertained, the warrior is defeated. Warriorship has nothing to do with your title or your physical or intellectual stamina or appearance but everything to do with your spirit. Victory does not happen to warriors, warriors happen to victory.

Christ may have been born a baby in a manger but he lived, died, resurrected and will come back a warrior. He was a warrior from birth when Herod tried to terminate him, recognizing the disruptive nature of his assignment. When you have a disruptive assignment, you had better be a warrior lest you or your assignment be extinguished. If you follow Christ, you have a disruptive assignment and our world today is in dire need of disruption. Only a warrior dares to walk on water and succeeds – Peter attempted it and failed midstream. You don’t try warriorship, you give your life to it.

Only a warrior fearlessly speaks against the religious and political leaders seeking to destroy him, feeds 5,000 men in the desert without recourse to the markets, surrenders his will to the will of the highest when faced with the reality of crucifixion. Only a warrior pleads for forgiveness for his crucifiers and grants eternal life to a sinner crucified with him. Only a warrior rises up 3 days after death exactly as planned.

Christ seeks warriors, not doubters. Warriors command mountains to move and do not wait to see if they will obey. In the book of Revelation, Christ repeatedly said there are rewards for conquerors – warriors not the fearful or unbelieving.

The warrior spirit means absolute faith. Smith Wigglesworth a true warrior said, “Faith never fails to obtain its object.” Queen Esther was a warrior. The 3 Hebrew boys were true warriors. If I doubt that I will obtain my target, I am not a warrior and I will not obtain. If you are a true warrior, you cannot but obtain – all things are possible for warriors.

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  2. T thanks for your uplifting message. As is become evident Faith not fear is the currency of exchange. I thank God who has callled and will perfect all that concerns u.

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