What if you are royalty?

I came to Paris for a brief meeting last week and having unexpected time on my hands and at Ronke’s encouragement, I decided to check out the Château de Versailles, in the suburbs of Paris. Reading about the beginnings of the Château, I found out that it was originally a hunting lodge but Louis XIV decided to expand it and turn it into a palace. What makes anyone decide to turn a hunting lodge into a palace the size, splendor and magnificence of the Château de Versailles unless the idea of material limitation is foreign to them? It takes extravagance to another level, just because they could, just because they were royalty.

As royalty in the era of Louis XIV before the revolution, all you needed to do was to be born into the royal family and you have a birth right of access. Courtiers, advisers, servants, warriors, artists, musicians, noble men, kings, priests, extreme wealth were at your beck and call. Just because you were born into the family, you have access to everything money can buy and many things money cannot buy. It gets even more interesting if you become king.

I am musing now and as you would expect, my reflections are unapologetically biased. I cannot help but look at everything from the view point of scriptures and what I believe God has said. As you would also expect if you are familiar with my blog, I am not against wealth and privilege. I am not sure I would have been part of the revolution if I lived in that era. I just do not think any human being’s privilege, power, wealth, success depletes mine. Poverty is what I am against because I think it is the thing that is more foreign to my Father than wealth. Mental and spiritual slavery is what I think is a problem, not privilege.

A difference between earthly royalty and godly royalty is that earthly royalty lords it over people and keeps the power in the royal family, away from the people being served, hence the perceived need for a revolution. Godly royalty on the other hand, came down to lift us up to royalty not to keep us down or to remain down himself, in solidarity with us. One hoards power, the other distributes it. As Bill Winston said, one enslaves, the other empowers. They both are sovereign but godly sovereignty is Love. Please read my musings on Kábíyèsí, at your convenience as I think it would be helpful.

The four beasts and 24 elders mentioned in the book of Revelation, in their song about Christ declared that He redeemed us unto our God as kings and priests and we are meant to reign here, not in heaven. What if you are royalty? As royalty in those days, you still had a choice of stripping yourself of your wealth and privilege and of abdicating. As royalty in God’s kingdom, you have a choice of appropriating or not appropriating your wealth and privilege. You can choose to be or not be wealthy. But many of us may be abdicating unknowingly.

But what if, just what if you are royalty? What if it is true that as believers in Christ, we are kings in the manner of Christ? What if it is true that Christ came to make us kings, seated with Him, with joint ownership and joint privilege with Him? I would think Christ’s wealth and power would make Louis XIV’s seem as nothing. If you were Christ-like (Christian) in His royalty, how would that affect your mentality, your behavior and your manifestations? Note that yes, this is spiritual but God seems “less spiritual” than some of us. To the best of my knowledge, He created silver, gold and diamonds and every resource on this planet, yet He is Love and He is Holy Holy Holy. What if you are royalty?

– Tolúlopé

6 thoughts on “What if you are royalty?

  1. Royalty – what a wonderful thought Tolu! The sad thing is, so many of us live without realising we are royalty. It really does change how we see things and how we should live, eh! Thanks for encouraging us that to be royal means to care, to love. Blessing upon you.

  2. Thanks Paul. Wonderful thought indeed. This morning I read that portion of scripture in Ecclesiastes that says, there is an error under the sun – folly is set in great dignity and the rich sit in low place, servants ride on horses and princes walk on foot. That is how many of us are and we need to let it sink that we are royalty. It will totally change our outlook and our "inlook", it will change our behavior and our carriage. And yes, it will turn us from selfishness and lust to caring and loving, because as royalty, we do not have to be selfish and we do not have to covet. The realization of our royal identity just makes some unprincely behaviors drop off from us.Thanks for stopping by again. I trust you and the family are well as you do God's work.

  3. It has been long since I came on this blog because I felt low and depressed. I equated my lack of money with the wealth God has deposited in me, I have failed God by not being grateful for the numerous things He has given me, He unlimitedly made me a royalty and I know not.

  4. I saw these photos two days ago. I absolutely love it. I'm glad Ronke made you go out for sight seeing. Thank God for sensible wives. What would you husbands have been able to do without us wives? (lol)This post as always is very insightful, and I'm meditating on the line," You can choose to be or not be wealthy. But many of us may be abdicating unknowingly"That second part of the sentence especially gives me goose bumps. It makes me remember Lazarus. The bible actually says he desired to be fed with the crumbs that fell under the rich man's table. He didn't have to be poor, but that was the life he chose. And like you rightly said, all of us, in spite of our royalty, choose a life that is not God's ultimate will for us. We reduce that will to a permissive will and really, I don't want to live life through a "persmissive will" of God. Life is just too short to be spent in agony because "i chose it." No! I want to do it right…to live all my days doing his ultimate will, enjoying all of the blessings for which Christ died for.

  5. @Tolulope, we all feel low and depressed at times but thank God it is only a feeling, not the truth. The truth is you are royalty. The truth is you carry a kingdom in you and that means inside you is all the wealth you will ever need and more. You are royalty, so even when you feel like you are poor, it is only a feeling, because you are far from poor. You have joint ownership with Christ of everything He owns.You are royalty, in a way Louis XIV or even King Solomon was not.You are royalty and not just a spiritual royalty, your royalty can and will manifest on earth, in your finances. There is a way to it. Thank you for your comment.

  6. @LD, what would we do without our wives? I was not kidding when I said Ronke is the making of me. She adds color to me, seriously. I am not very touristy, but she insisted I go, so I went and I learnt and others are benefiting from my "obeying" my wife and I know some men may get upset at that thought.Yes that second part came from deep inside. I think we abdicate unknowingly. If we are joint heirs with Christ, royal priesthoods, kings and priests, and we continue to live a Lazarus existence in some form without wanting to, we may have unknowingly abdicated. Many of us do not know that the Holy Scriptures state that God gives us richly all things to enjoy. Many have used the Lazarus example to explain that God wants us poor. How can? I addressed that in Gospel to the poor. It's like saying God wants his children sick, maimed and captive, if not bound by the devil.The fact is we are never going to be more royal than we already are. It is already finished, there is nothing more to be done to redeem us as kings and priests and make us royalty. We are the ones that need to do something to be, act, speak and manifest royalty here.The fact that many who are royalty walk on foot while servants ride on horses does not make it God's will. God is infinitely opulent, beyond what we would consider extravagant.Thanks Bunmi for stopping by again.

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