What is hopeless?

We claim to believe in the death and resurrection of God’s Son but most times we act differently. If God incarnate really died as a sacrificial lamb, and rose again, surely, a murderer or adulterer can be restored, renewed, recreated. Whatever was powerful enough to cause God to become a man, die and come back from death to life as God of all, surely must be powerful enough to redeem the worst of humans and the worst of situations. Should it not?

Why do we exempt certain kinds of people from redemption? Why do we exempt situations in our lives or in the world from redemption? What manner of hypocrisy makes us do so? The Creator came down from heaven, became a man and died, then rose again. Who is too wicked, who is too far gone to be redeemed by such a sacrifice? What individual or societal challenge is beyond such a sacrifice?

The Son of God, the Creator, not a mere animal was the slaughtered lamb. The Creator’s blood, not the blood of an animal, is the covering. He was sacrificed and came back to life. Now, who is beyond redemption? Who cannot be recreated by the same power that raised Jesus Christ from death? Now, who is hopeless? What is hopeless? Why do we act as though that sacrifice and the shed blood is limited? Do we really believe God the Creator of all things was the sacrificial lamb meaning everything and everyone in the universe is covered?

Lord help me to lead a life worthy of the sacrifice that recreated me. Let my present internal experience and external manifestations testify that God was the lamb that redeemed me. Help me not to negate my own redemption and dishonor your offering, your sacrifice, your life, your blood by relating with anyone as though they are beyond redemption. Help me to see that no one and nothing can possibly be beyond redemption given that you, the author of existence are the one who died and rose again.

– Tolúlopé

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  1. Lord Jesus, this is my own heart cry too: Help me not to negate my own redemption and dishonor your offering, your sacrifice, your life, your blood by relating with anyone as though they are beyond redemption.Give me new eyes to see that everyone, even pedophiles and drunks who have destroyed lives and killed others due to thier carelessness(the two categories I have no grace towards) are part of the people for whom you died. Help me to see that it doesn't matter if I want to show them grace or not. What matters is that you have shown grace…even as you have shown grace to me. And thank you Tolu for this post. It's a work in progress – this ability to love everyone (including accepting and loving ourselves). It's a hard pill to swallow, especially when we realize that deep down, we are not worth it. But he died for us…he believed we were worth the trouble, just like he died for everyone else whom (in our limited opinion) is worse than we. But you know what, at the end of the day, it doesn't even matter if we can't stand by this awesome truth…it's a Fact, and we'll just have to get with the program.

  2. We just have to get with the program. Redemption is an idea no human being could have come up with. It includes all and excludes none. Our Lord proved it by choosing to come from a lineage of murderers and adulterers. He proved it after resurrection by appearing first to a woman most people wanted nothing to do with because of what she had done.Given that the one who died and rose again is the author of existence himself, there is no irredeemable case or person, especially those that religion or society excludes. This grace goes beyond amazing, it is scandalous. And I love what you said about loving ourselves. Who am I not to love myself when Christ loves me to death? Who am I to think I am worthless when my price is the life of Christ?

  3. It is essential that we reach out to the hurting world with the love of Jesus Christ. He died so that every man, woman, boy and girl would have an abundant and everlasting life. "For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive by the Spirit." (1 Peter 3 v 18)

  4. I could not agree with you more Simon. Given the love of Jesus Christ expressed in his death and resurrection, nothing is hopeless, no one is hopeless. That love is very creative – brings life out of death and righteousness out of sinful natures. If we related with everyone with that love, there would be heaven on earth. Thanks for your comments and thanks for visiting.

  5. Thank you for reminding me that his blood is meant for everyone. He came for the sick and not the well, his love for me is no bigger than his love for those we consider hopeless. Sometimes I feel I treat people no different from the rich man in the story about Lazarus. There are so many Lazarus’ in our day and we fail to reach out to them. God hasn’t given up on them and so we shouldn’t. God bless you for this and may your zeal for him never die as you inspire us to love like Father.

  6. "There are so many Lazarus’ in our day and we fail to reach out to them. God hasn’t given up on them and so we shouldn’t."We should not, if we claim to follow Him. His sacrifice is not insufficient for any one or any situation, no matter how hopeless they seem.Thank you for your beautiful comment and Amen to your prayer.

  7. I love the story of Lazarus and the rich man.Tolu, I love this post. It reveals the heart, the very core of Grace.There's nobody, no court of law, rule or justification, argument against and nothing could have stopped the repentant thief on the cross from crossing over to paradise. That was God's prerogative.God's art of grace remains a mystery to be embraced; it cannot ever be thoroughly understood or explained in a few words, sentence, chapters, for a few years or perhaps eternity. It is God's own special secret. We're merely recipients of it. And that's why, Tolu, we need to continually 'yield to the updraft', 'throw in the towel' and learn 'the art of receiving' after all we were all created for His pleasure and His glory.

  8. Maidofheart, this was beautifully said. Hmmmm. Grace is God's prerogative and His choice. I am not sure I can fully respond to your comment.I just so love what you said here. "It is God's own special secret. We're merely recepients of it." No need trying to understand it. We just need to embrace it. The grace that is greater than all sins. As Mathew Henry says, "The plaster is wider than the wound and more healing than the wound is killing." Grace. Thank you for weaving together my posts. Thank you for going beyond the letter to the spirit.

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