What is man?

I believe the Bible’s account of how the universe came into existence but if you do not, imagine the universe was the idea of One who is so perfect as to create a light, called the sun, that has not even slightly malfunctioned since it was made. We have planned our lives and built our civilizations from the dawn of time, around the reliability of time, times and seasons. Imagine that the galaxies, air, plants, animals and everything in nature we still marvel at were the idea of this Creator.

If that Creator decides to make something in the image and likeness of a Lion for instance, no one would think it were a dog because it would look and act exactly like a Lion. Let us imagine that Creator creates something in the image and likeness of Himself. Assuming the word “human” was not in existence yet and you knew the Creator beforehand, what would you call the thing the Creator created in the image and likeness of Himself? I know, it borders on blasphemy, but, in its full glory, I would fall down and worship that creature, thinking it was the Creator Himself. This is such an explosive truth that just a realization of it can permanently banish minor evils like disease from one’s body.

According to scriptures, which I wholeheartedly believe, the being called man came into existence with these words, which suggest playfulness and joy in the Godhead, “Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness and let them have dominion…” I believe the spirit behind those words is, “Let’s have some excitement and create copies of us…” According to scriptures, everything came into existence by God’s word. However, nothing else including angels whom we are tempted to worship, did God make in the image and likeness of Himself.

I am fully convinced that when God made man, He was not looking for a pet, a puppet or a toy, existing in a different dimension from Him. He wanted a co-possessor of heaven and earth. He wanted a being He could consult with, to determine the course of history. When He made man, God wanted a being that could seat down in His presence and have conversations with Him. He wanted a co ruler. When He made man, God wanted a race of beings that could think, talk, act and be, like Him. Little wonder He holds us to the very same standards as Himself and asks that we imitate Him.

When Jesus Christ said, “with God, all things are possible” and, “all things are possible to any image and likeness of God who believes,” He was not blaspheming.

To be continued…

8 thoughts on “What is man?

  1. Writing/expressing it was a very joyful experience so I can imagine… I actually believe God was not wearing a long face when He said those words. He must have been excited at the thought of having His copies exercising His power on earth and in the heavens.

  2. Great post Tolu, I am glad you are back!We are co-creator with God. Indeed God created us for fellowship, to rule and reign with Him.God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them (Gen1:28).It sounds so simple yet we dont get it, how powerful we are as His children.

  3. Thanks Buky, I am glad to be back. I think we do not get it precisely because it s so simple. Also, everything around us seems to testify that humanity is very unlike God so how could we possibly be God's children?

  4. Man was originally designed to rule over the earth and its inhabitants. That is what we learn in Genesis. Adam gave over (gave away) his authority to Satan when he disobeyed God. It is amazing to imagine that there is a time coming when men who have chosen Jesus as their Lord and Savior will take back their rightful place in creation and rule with Him (Rev. 22:5b). This is all part of God's restoration and reconciliation – His making all things new (Rev. 21:1). Really too wonderful, too lofty to attain! But I know it and believe it and am looking forward to it and trying to speed its coming by loving, obeying and serving our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for this encouraging reminder :)

  5. Thank you processingtheword.The whole restoration and reconciliation plan is beyond amazing. It will take eternity to grasp it.The good thing is the more we get it, the more we want to devote our lives to loving, obeying and serving our Lord Jesus Christ. Who wouldn't want to serve a God-man who gave His own life as a ransom, who went to hell so I wouldn't have to go there, who redeemed me from the curse, by whose stripes I was healed? Why wouldn't I serve a God who became a man and with His own life, won a victory contained in the name above all names, then turned around and gave me the right to that name, just because I believe? I want to start looking into this now, because even in the ages to come, we will still be looking into it.

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