What on earth is life?

Something obviously went wrong after man was made. What we see today is far from what one would expect from God’s clone. We do not see imitation of God in character, deed, word or thought. We see widespread ungodliness, if ungodliness means “unlike God.” Whereas God is love, we see wickedness, hatred and lust. Whereas God rules over all using His omnipotent word, and made man to be a co-ruler with Him, we see man being ruled by evil – spiritual death, physical death, physical and mental terror, destruction, disease, poverty. Whereas God uses His word to create life, man uses his words loosely, unwittingly perpetuating death.

According to the record passed down to us, God saw everything He made and they were good. Whereas God dominates evil with good, chaos with order, we see the reverse today, among human beings. Even the earth that God saw as good has become corrupted. I seriously doubt if God thought Tsunamis, earthquakes, storms, falling asteroids and other natural disasters were a good idea. If He did, He would not have silenced a storm when He was here.

Everything we see today would make it seem like being clones of God is just wishful thinking but far from it. The reason there can be evil and widespread corruption in the first place is because man was created to be God’s clone. As God’s clone, man could choose right or wrong. He had delegated power, he had freedom of choice. God so honours His clone that He will not override his choice. Man was free to choose but he could not circumvent God’s laws as that would make Him God, which is impossible.

The record says God gave the first man and his wife an instruction and said they would die if they disobeyed. According to the record, there was an outlaw on earth who had the power of death, who wanted for himself the delegated authority and influence man had. He knew that the way to get it would be for man to disobey God. He tempted them and they fell for it, so man died and a reign of death ensued, over humanity and all of creation.

I had issues with this death thing because the record shows that the man and woman continued to live after they died. I am having to adjust my thinking to God’s meaning of death. God is Spirit, so man is a spirit. We know man also has a soul and lives in a body. Man died spiritually and became eternally separated from God. By choice, he was effectively reborn, becoming a different species, a corrupted version of God’s clone. Eternal death became his nature and destiny. He could not change his nature any more than a chicken could become an eagle.

I think it is worthy of note that despite the fall of man, we still see many good things happening on our planet from the dawn of time to the present. The earth is still very livable, we have made some cool and amazing things, even if some of them have harmful effects. Our minds still seem quite capable of great feats. Despite the fall, we are taking steps to master disease in our bodies, to manage our planet and are even reaching for the stars.

I cannot but wonder if all we see around us is death, what is life? What could life possibly be if this is death? What are we missing? Perhaps, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

4 thoughts on “What on earth is life?

  1. Hi Tolu. I found you through Watchman. This is a great post. God has been speaking very similar things to me. I have been listening to some teachings by Derek Prince on spiritual warfare which I find to be excellent. In them, he explained that the immediate death after the fall was spiritual…Like you, I had previously struggled with it. Anyway, thank you for this post. I feel God bringing things into the light and flooding the earth with His Spirit. The time is now for us to completely give ourselves over to Him for His purpose! May our Lord Jesus Christ guide you in His will as you walk with Him today.

  2. Thank you for your comments and prayer – Amen. Yes, there is no better to completely give ourselves over to Him, not just when we feel like it or when it is convenient. Then we will experience what He means by abundant life and the rest of the world will see and want it too. Thank you for visiting.

  3. Thanks for this post Tolu. I had to adjust my mind to accomodate a brand new way of seeing things from reading your post! You said,'I cannot but wonder if all we see around us is death, what is life? What could life possibly be if this is death? What are we missing?'. I have to admit that I never really saw it from that perspective and I'm just glad that you're back writing and challenging the status quo with fresh insights. God bless u bro.

  4. Thank you Setwatchman. It is a question that started to stir in me recently while meditating on the fall and the redemption. I had to conclude we have no clue yet what Christ did and who we are as a result. But I believe we will.

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