What to teach

In a society like ours, children should do less learning from adults and adults should learn more from children. If children learn from adults, all they will be picking up and learning is hypocrisy, corruption, decadence, oppression, abuse, violence. In one word, Fear.

Won’t it be amazing for adults to regularly observe children at play, at home or kindergarten, in total abandon, to learn from them and implement what they learn?

Children have not learnt how to fear. They learn how to fear by imitating the adults around them. And that fear messes up the world by causing them to deviate from their default state.

Jesus says the greatest in the kingdom of God is whoever humbles himself or herself as a little child. The last time I checked, the kingdom of heaven encompassed the whole universe including…our planet. It still does. Earth has yet to secede. We can therefore say, whoever humbles herself as a little child is the greatest on earth.

We should at the very least approach children with a sense of reverence and amazement. If we think any child is less than genius, that thought needs cleaning. Teachers should learn from kids even in kindergarten, because there is something they naturally come with that we adults have been stripped of – humility, openness, curiosity, trust, sense of wonder, lack of fear, honesty. In one word, Love.

These qualities, not technical skills adults are rife with and pride themselves on, make for greatness in the kingdom of heaven which rules over the kingdoms of the world.

If those setting educational policies around the world embraced the truth that children have at least as much to teach adults as adults have to teach children, we would not cram our fear into children. We would nurture and be influenced by their naturally occurring genius.

We would treat them like they are new in our world with messages from the other. Our disciplining would not be such as to destroy their genius and individuality but such as to enable them become who they are. We would teach in our schools what we learn from children. We would place value on those qualities that truly make for greatness, qualities occurring naturally and abundantly in children.

This can totally transform society, if allowed to influence educational policy.

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