When it’s all been said and done

Every event, every act, even if it looks good and noble, is vain. Wealth is vain, wisdom is vain, folly is vain, poverty is vain, effort is vain, business is vain, organic or toxic os vain, to be married or unmarried is vanity not to talk of the things easily identified as vain. Even the things we consider noble, are vanity upon vanities. Sorry to burst your bubble.

The only thing that is, is Love, if we can even call it a “thing” or an “it”. Love is the only thing that is not vain, the only thing that is truly endless, that enriches and gives meaning to life and to death. Love is the life. After Gbenga my younger brother passed on, the love between us is not diminished. If anything, it grows stronger.

This strenghtens my resolve to live and die for Love.

Love is truly the only thing that does not end with death. It is the only thing that is real and therefore the only thing to live and die for. This is not just my belief, it is my personal discovery and continued exploration after a number of experiences and brushes with death. It is why Love is my business and my religion if I have any.

Christianity or “Churchiness”, sorry, is not my religion. Love is.

God, is Love. Love, is.

Christ is nothing if not the personification and complete embodiment of love and our restorer back to Love, our first estate.

When Love is in the mix, evil has meaning and works for good, wealth is a blessing, foolishness is wisdom, poverty is a blessing, marriage is heaven on earth, business has purpose and can connect man back to Source, back to Love. Without love, life is the most meaningless idea, marriage is a living hell and business is one of the most destructive forces on our planet.

God is the only truth, the reality without which every seeming reality is mere vapor at best and at least tormenting.

Rumi the Persian poet said, “Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” That field is Love. Nothing else matters, right or wrong, good or bad.

Outside Love, nothing on this planet matters. Love – to love God who is Love and to love man indiscriminately – is the only thing to live and die for and that is not just a religious or a “spiritual” statement but the crux of the whole matter, when it’s all been said and done.

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