Late in 2010, Ronké my wife unexpectedly went into surgery for a situation we did not know was life threatening. She had gone to the hospital for something else and went back for the results at night while I was asleep at home with Tófúnmi, and the doctors told her they had to do an emergency surgery. She tried to reach me but my phone was not close by. I finally woke up at some point and found that she had tried to call me several times. I knew something was not right. I was able to reach her at the hospital and she told me she had just had surgery! I switched realms immediately and said, “Listen to me, what you need now are right words” And I proceeded to envelop her spiritually, not with pity words but with creative words of faith, the kind Jesus used to create all manner of good and which the Creator used in the beginning to create everything we see. She found the strength from within and chose to drive herself home, hours after a major surgery. She is well right now, surrounded by right words, one of which is, “Your lungs are made up of words…”

Words are not just sounds or alphabetic arrangements on paper or screen. Words wound, words heal, words create, words destroy. Your words are the only thing on this planet that can pierce into heaven right now. The Almighty responds to our words as do angels, according to scriptures. Words are faster than light, they created light in the first place. Words are infinitely more potent than the most powerful physical weapons. Human beings respond to words more than to images. Ask Churchhill, Hitler, Ghandi, Martin Luther King (Jr) and other men and women in our times, if you do not want to ask Jesus. Human beings are made up of words – you can quote me on that. Words change reality in every realm of existence. If you know how to use words, you will realize how easy and struggle-free life can be. Words are the stuff our universe is made up of and words will rearrange anything in this universe, including pressing problems that seemingly have nothing to do with words.

I can say it because I have experienced it countless times. In Nigeria, I experienced kidnapping en route to a taxi park. It ended up being a free ride to the taxi park because of words that pierced the spirit and totally disarmed 4 armed, strong and determined men, and I did not lift a finger. In early January, I sent a laptop to a friend in Nigeria by regular post! Ha!! Obviously, CanadaPost refused to insure it because it was not guaranteed to be delivered. But I took the risk anyway, partly because I needed to test the process as I am engaged in a project in Nigeria that will require going through customs often. As one would expect, the laptop got missing. But I said, “They will not steal this one. This laptop will be delivered.” I said it in my basement but it needed to happen in Lagos. How? Words transcend time and space. All hope was lost of course but last week, I got a call that it was delivered, with some excuse for the weeks-long delay. “They will not steal this one. This laptop will be delivered.” They were not empty words, but spirit, which when spoken correctly in Montreal, make things happen exactly as spoken, in Lagos. Did the scriptures not say that the worlds were framed by God’s word?

It may all seem spooky but I know it’s not. I live in Wordsville. Even as a teenager and during my University days in Great Ifè in Nigeria, I experienced the power of words. I spent my first two years in University doing everything but studying, so my grades were rather dismal. After my spiritual rebirth, I got serious with school and my grades began to go north but I had wasted valuable time in an environment where the first few years largely determine the end – we used a cumulative grade system. I needed intervention, so I spoke my final cumulative grade based on Jesus’ words concerning the power of words. I only saw my results on paper the day I went to check my final results with my Mom (who is a subscriber to this blog), to whom I had “bragged” my results without having seen them, but having declared them. It happened exactly as spoken. It was one of the deciding moments of my life.

Today, I run a company with my wife and we use words to still the storms. We use words to create the reality we want before they crystallize and even when everything is screaming the opposite. You can too, if you learn that your mouth is not just for eating, drinking, talking or kissing but for ensuring your struggle-free earthly existence. This is one of the reasons I burst into dance with Ronké without notice, even in storms and even at work. You might too, if you begin to taste the goodness of the Lord like I am beginning to and you realize that nothing is impossible with you. It is a very solemn truth. Last month, we spent one week in Montego Bay. Yeah man! But it was supposed to rain there all week. On the flight, I realized I preferred sunny weather so I declared it (in faith but quietly, no point disturbing everyone on the flight). We had sunny weather all week, contrary to the forecast. It did rain though, mostly at night. No problem man!

There is no problem with any place, including Nigeria. There are only people who have not learnt how to use words like Jesus did. And I know Nigeria is improving but it will improve faster when words are used correctly. I know some may consider this a religious or “spiritual” matter but it is very real. When you know how to use words in print or spoken, you can influence matter, mind and spirit. Paul the Apostle knew the power of words. He engaged the philosophers of his day as well as “spiritual” people. His words caused affliction and brought healing too. You will do yourself great favor when you study and learn how to use words. God is referred to in scriptures as The Word. Hello! The deceiver himself is a wordsmith – watch out!

In addition to what we say, we also need to watch what we hear. The words we hear are not just talk or noise. They can pierce spirit, soul and body and can create mass movements for good or bad. It is in our best interest not to allow the wrong words in our environment, even words in music. One of the most effective ways to change reality and influence thought en masse is to package words in nice sounding music. By itself, music is very neutral. Words make them effective, for good or bad, in a very subtle way. Music opens you up, like hypnosis, to receive into the deepest layer of your being, whatever is packaged in it and the deceiver gets a lot done with it. I removed a seemingly harmless music for kids from our home, after my 2-year old exhibited a strange behavior on listening to it, which we later discovered was consistent with the main character in the song. Words are spirit.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof,” said King Solomon.

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  1. words ARE spirit. As Christians often when we r learning to exercise dominion we never quite get the power of our words – maybe becoz it seems so simplistic. In the midst of the storm we wait for Jesus to come and say "peace, be still" when we can speak it ourselves. i love how Elisha Goodman teaches about countering the goings on in our dream world. u wake up from a particularly bad dream that has prophetically shown you bad things happening in the spirit so you speak against them loud and clear and they dont get the chance to manifest…Its in us to speak over everthing in this life. Like muscles we need to exercise this power and get the most out of it. Its God given and at our disposal

  2. I could not agree more with you Cyrus. If only we knew the power of words, our worlds will be different. It does seem rather simplistic and unreal. How can you just speak to your body and be healed? How can you speak to the weather and it will obey you? How can your finances align with your words? It all sounds too easy or impossible. But when you realise that the One who said we should speak to mountains is the One who created us and the mountains, you know He's not the one who needs a mindset readjustment.Thank you for your comment. I am honored.

  3. GOD BLESS YOU TOLU…YOU ARE REALLY A MAN IN THE SPIRIT!Would you believe that just last night, the discussion at our midweek service in church was the power of WORDS! For example, "Dont say 'shut up' to your kids…or they'll shut up to you" I live in wordsville too…I am a strong believer in the power of words. John 1:1 says in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God and that all things were created through this WORD. Proverbs says that a wise man uses words sparingly, why? Because he knows the power of words. There's a saying: Sticks and stones may broke may break my bones but words cannot hurt me….What a complete LIE of the enemy. Because sticks and bones may break our bones, but words can KILL us or MAKE us. Thank God your wife made it. God is AWESOME!Meanwhile, it's good to know that you went to Great Ife too. That was my alma mater too from 1993 to 1999 when I relocated here to the States. GREAT IFE!!!

  4. hmmmmmmmmmm, words are powerful, it makes me to remember when God took Ezekiel to the valley of the dry bones , God asked him if the bones can live , Ezekiel said only God knows , God told him to prophesy to the bones,not waiting for Him , and Ezekiel dis, immediately there was a rumble in the valley and the dead bones became alive.thank you for this , i will not stop talking the Word of God.

  5. Thanks Bunmi. It's great to know you were at Great Ife too. Great Ife!! Our paths could easily have crossed – I left in 1995.It is great to know this post is inspired and that you live in Wordsville too. It is my dwelling place. Yes, Ronke made it and continues to make it by the power of the same word (of God) that holds this universe together. Our words are only effective because of His Word.I like the mindset readjustment thing too. I came to that realization regarding everything God says. It is truth. I need to adjust to him, He is not the one who needs to adjust to me. I am the one whose thinking needs to come up to reality. His reality is the true reality (forgive my tautology).Your comments are always refreshing, Bunmi. Thanks.

  6. Tolu, thank you for that example. We all just need to ensure those examples do not remain on the pages of scripture but evident in our lives, because their power and ability to influence is in being manifested in our lives. Thank you for your comments. I am blessed to have Tolulope's comments on Tolulope's Musings.

  7. My, my, my! – that was powerful stuff Tolu.You have confirmed, what the Lord has been telling me in no uncertain terms and via various means, that there is Power in speaking His Words. Not just only reading His word and meditating on His Word, but to SPEAK His words with a strategy in mind and with effectiveness.I thank God for your life, Tolu.May Divine health be your portion, for you and your household and may the Lord's face continue to shine on you.This post needs to be read by many more people!I am going to link to it, in someway on my Blog after twittering it.

  8. Thank you Carole. I really appreciate your comments. I like "to speak His words with a strategy in mind and with effectiveness." You only do that when you realize this thing is not just a religious thing but ultimate reality.I think we need to realize that God is not a joker. If He said it, it is. Words are spirit and if spirit is more real than matter, then words are more real, more potent than what we see, feel, hear, sense around us.Thank you for your prayer Carole. Thank you for sharing the post. I am glad to be a channel, ever connected to source.

  9. I missed this post initially, but am so glad I found it. Very powerful, thank you Tolu for sharing your experiences with speaking in such faith. I do know how words can crush the spirit, or feed such love and potential into a person (especially little ones, but adults as well). Though I am aware of this and try to be attentive with what I speak (with the intent to lift up), I must admit I have not practiced well speaking with such faith that something comes into being. Truly believing that God has already granted the request or miracle, is something I struggle with. I ask and I pray, but going from that to speaking words and believing it is so, is a long jump for me at present. Perhaps in the future you can share more concerning how you got to this.May the good Lord bless you and your wife and children always! May you all enjoy the blessings of great health!

  10. Thank you Ella for your comments and for sharing your struggle. We all need help in one area or another. My latest post is basically saying, "I need help, I have a long way to go" and you demonstrate by asking for help, what I talked about. It will be my pleasure to share with you the principles that got me here and that I am relying on to take me farther. Amen to your prayers. Amen.

  11. I read your beautiful current post. It is humbling to read someone with such a good heart as you, asking for help to grow further. I'll try sending you an email but if you don't receive it feel free to email me at your convenience. All lowercase letters Ella.Venezia@gmail.com

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  13. Something powerful that struck me reading through this powerful post, was this short 6 worded sentence, “I knew something was not right.” The choice of wording is captivating to me, instead of saying something was wrong you state something was not right. I believe there is power in that. First, not declaring it was wrong (like twisted or messed up) but instead you said not right (to mean that it was possible to mend) and what you proceeded to do was, proclaim the “right words.”

    Most of the time we approach challenges by speaking what is wrong, and the outcome is we end of proclaiming death in our situations with the “wrong words.”

    Totally agree on the concept of what we hear influences what we speak, music is a subtle form of getting all the wrong influences. The example you gave just goes on to show how even those whose words we spoke influences how we behave.

    I live in Wordsville as well, I don’t even remember where I moved from but this is definitely the place to be. Thanks Tolu.

    • It is great to see I am not the only one living in wordsville. Thank you Maureen. Many times we try to correct our words but we really do not need to correct our words, just our heart because from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. I did not consciously choose those words, they came out of what was already stored inside. Thank you for adding to this.

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