Would you die for it?

One quality we inherited from the Creator, which He respects, is the ability to determine our own course. He desires good for us, and He will show us the Way to go but the choice is ours. He will not stop anyone from perishing if they choose to, neither can any evil power stop anyone from following the path of life when they are determined.

Some call it stubbornness, determination, resolve or conviction. I call it belief, a word that has been severely diluted but is a quality that makes us resemble God. Without belief, nothing significant happens in the world, for good or evil.

One of my favourite Bible personalities is Paul, a man of strong faith, before and after conversion. He was significant – a great terrorist, the greatest Apostle, sought by hell, sought by heaven.

Abraham believed and refused to doubt the promise even when it seemed God stood in the way of its fulfillment. God showed his pleasure towards Abraham’s audacity by swearing to bless him!

Facing terminal disease 6 years ago I said, “Even if ‘my time is up’, I will not die,” after realizing that as God’s image, the choice is mine.

No force in the universe can stop you when you lock your faith into God’s will.

Hitler did much evil in the world, because he believed. Darwin’s significance stemmed from faith. Imagine Darwin as an Apostle!

In a society that encourages unbelief, terrorists are effective and near invincible because of their belief. Unbelief makes one weak, mediocre and most unlike God. Jesus abhors lukewarm, a characteristic of the present era.

Willingness to fail shows readiness to succeed. Willingness to be unpopular indicates readiness for significance. These are marks of the believer.

If you are unwilling to die for it, you do not believe it.

2012 will turn out based on if and what you believe.

2 thoughts on “Would you die for it?

  1. So true, Tolu, '2012 will turn out based on IF and WHAT you believe!Yes, we are shown that Jesus is the Way, The Truth and the Life, but it is for us to make the choice. God is a gentleman He will not force Himself on us. In Deuteronomy 30:19, God states that, He has set before us Life and Death, but He wishes the best for us and He wants us to CHOOSE life (my paraphrase).It is for us to CHOOSE to believe and that belief must be strong and not whimsical.May the Lord bless and keep you and your family Tolu and may His face shine on you all during 2012.

  2. Thank you Carole. "Belief must be strong and not whimsical." Ceaseless meditation on the Truth (or a lie for that matter) leads to strong belief.May this year be a truly glorious year for you and your family.

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