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Christ-likeness is a supernatural existence, designed to fail if the “super” is separated from the “natural”. The sooner we realize that, the better for us. Our struggles and failures as redeemed people are a result of our very feeble attempts to live as mere human beings. As God’s children, we will fail woefully if we try to live as though we are not. If the scriptures are true, when we received Christ, an actual transformation took place, making us supernatural beings and no longer “only human.”

We struggle today because we are trying to live as though there was no transformation. We are trying to live a supernatural life as natural human beings and that is impossible. If not, Jesus would not have asked His disciples to “tarry ye in Jerusalem until ye be endued with power from on high.” The “power from on high” is what makes the Christian life possible. Outside of it, it is impossible to be a Christian. Quit trying. Just throw in the towel and surrender to the Spirit the way eagles are designed to yield to, and soar on thermal updrafts, rather than working their wings like other birds.

In a sense, the laws that govern the new creation that I am, are different and at times opposed to the laws that governed the old human that I was. For example, “The just shall live by faith” also implies that the just shall perish by lack of faith. While the unjust shall survive and thrive in the world by the acuteness of their senses, the just, the new creation shall live and thrive by the acuteness and healthiness of their (now alive) spirit. The two exist in two completely different realms but the unjust know how to thrive in their system than the just. Most times, as new creation, we live as though our spirits are still dead, as though we are not supernatural when our whole existence was supernaturally birthed and can only be supernaturally lived. Jesus Christ needed to depend 100% on the Spirit and we are trying to follow Him by living 100% in our heads. It seems like a sure prescription for failure and frustration.

As a new creation entrepreneur for example, the tools of my trade are not carnal, they are not visible, they are not physically apprehended. They are spiritual. I will fail and will be frustrated if I fail to grasp that truth. An eagle is a bad chicken and will probably die faster trying to be a chicken, even though both are birds. To have a fulfilling existence, I need to wake up to my true nature and live from there. I had a very simple thought a while ago that has not left me.

“Live as though you are a new creation.”

I attended “good” schools and belong in the “right” circles but I will fail woefully if I rely on those external factors. I can only soar effortlessly above the terrestrial, above the “light afflictions” and petty challenges by yielding to the updraft.

Our Father will not relate with us as though we are not his Children, with access to everything He has. He will not relate with us as though we are not joint heirs with Christ, because we are. The challenges that come our way are killing when we try to handle them in our natural strength but are rather “light” when we handle them as people being helped by the very Spirit of the most high God. The tests our Father will allow to come our way are tests that take into consideration who we are, whose we are, what we have.

Here we are trying to live as though we are not God’s children, as though we do not have God’s own Spirit and at the same time expecting to be victorious. We fail to realize that private or public victory is only possible by living as though we are really, not figuratively God’s children. It must be quite a sight for an eagle to act like a chicken yet as Christians we behave worse. We discount who we are, whose we are, what we have and expect to be victorious.

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  1. Tolu,'The sooner we realise that, the better for us".Great words, so simple, but true.I came to the realisation of what you have so eloquently shared in your post today, when I was asking myself,"Why am I not living the victorious life of a child of God?". The answer was, that I was getting in the way. As a natural human being, I was getting in the way of what God wanted to do in my life. As I began to dig deeper into the Word, I realised that I was not living, on a spiritual level, but on the physical level. I was seeing situations, through my physical eyes and reacting, as though, I had not gone through a transformation.As I have come to know who I am in Christ, I am now standing on the blessing of, living above and not beneath, and as I soar above my circumstances and situations, my life is becoming more victorious.Praise the Lord and bless you once again, for you have stirred me up to go higher with Him.

  2. Carole, thank you. We act as though we "had not gone through a transformation" that puts us right up there with Christ himself. Our lives only become victorious when we wake up to the reality of our transformation and see that it is not a religious experience but an actual event albeit in the unseen realm. God bless you.

  3. Bunmi, this truth had me jumping this morning. It's been stirring in me for the past few days and I just had to throw in the towel very early this morning and let my mind and my hands be a conduit for it. I surrendered myself to the updraft. I will not recover from this truth. And I love your tweet – "eagles make bad chickens". I retweeted it.I am also realizing that it speaks as much to those who do not know Christ as it does to those who know Him. As always thank you for visiting.

  4. {The "power from on high" is what makes the Christian life possible.}I remember how I struggled to live the Christian life when I first came to the Lord. I had limited knowledge of the word and so didn't understand how it all comes together. I sort of stumbled across a book by Watchman Nee titled 'The Normal Christian Life' and that book had a monumental impact on my life. It helped me understand where I was and where to start. Like you said, it is unfathomable for the natural man to grasp or live the supernatural life. It is way beyond it's reach. Hence God decided the best way was to recreate our spirit and make it His dwelling. That's why only God's presence is the 'wow' factor in our lives. And that ultimately erodes our self-confidence and self-assurance.When you concluded by saying: {"Our Father will not relate with us as though we are not his Children, with access to everything He has. He will not relate with us as though we are not joint heirs with Christ, because we are."} I am thinking, God doesn't see us as ordinary. How dare we? He sees the finished work on the cross, sees the blood and the presence of His Spirit and He is satisfied. Why aren't we?

  5. Again, thank you."only God's presence is the 'wow' factor in our lives. And that ultimately erodes our self-confidence and self-assurance." Nothing humbles more than knowing that my soaring high above the clouds is not a result of my effort, but the updraft of His presence. It removes every grounds for boasting and transforms self confidence to God-confidence, self assurance to God-assurance. While the "self" is doomed to fail, God cannot fail. Thank you for this insight and your comment is again an addendum.

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